30’s Original Feedsacks ~ Kitchen re-do!

These prints are so inspiring that I’m changing my kitchen according to some of my favorite feed sacks that I just bought. My favorite colors green and brown, are getting replaced with these cheerful colors! The dishes have been breaking and are too expensive to replace individually so I’m switching to Fiestaware even though I might be accused of copying a dear friend…lol.

Of course I am choosing the Fiestaware to match the feedsacks I like! I will make a valance, table runner, napkins and an apron at the very least! I LOVE the dark teal blue and orange feedsack which started the whole trend of colors. That one will most likely be the biggest part of the runner ~ I’m not sure I even want to cut it up too much…maybe in half and sew it end-to- like I have it below…with a few of the others worked in somehow.

I just can’t wait to get them all!!

The photo with five feedsack images in Orange. Dk Teal, Med. Teal, Lime Green and Red are the five I have so far to use in the kitchen…actually I still have to win the plaid one!

Then there’s a photo of Fiestware possibilities.

The last picture is of random feedsacks I bought and will use for quilts, trading and aprons. The very middle one I bought because I found a quilt pattern of that flower print design exactly! It’s one of the patterns in the book in the previous post and one I want to make soon!

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