It’s Christmas with Thread Painting!

First of all I should say that my thread painting students got a fantastic start on their Pumpkin Mini Quilts! I was so involved that I forgot to take good photos! But this week I will try to do that and post them afterwards.

The mini quilt for beginners in thread painting is being recieved so well at my local quilt shop that I have decided to turn it into a Seasons Series! So next in the season is Christmas and here are the beginnings of the next mini quilt. I thought it would be fun to show some of the process before the quilt and pattern are completed.

Here is my initial sketch. From this I will make the final black line drawing Master. And since it is a beginner pattern and small enough, I will also draw out each of the raw edge pieces including the markings for “seams” which really are where one piece overlaps another.


All the pieces get glued down once they are cut out in my method of preparing the top for thread painting. For this white Poinsettia I had a blast creating dimension with fussy cut petals from a pale pastel pics of fabric I had from my stash. I love the watercolor effect it adds to the project!!. I usually don’t like so much thread panting that the project becomes more like an embroidered piece. I prefer a balance of thread and fabric so I am pleased that the batiks will add a small amount of foundation color in a watercolor random way. There WILL be plenty of room for defining with thread though! I can’t wait to play with that! I will work on my design in 5D Quilt Design Creator to plan the thread painting with what will be published in the pattern as the Threading Painting Map…or Chart… or Diagram. I offer it as a suggested way to thread paint but always encourage you all to choose whatever color fabrics excite you and, of course, the co-ordinating colors for thread painting. But the map will give you an idea how to go about painting and you just substitute your inspired colors!

This is the top with all the pieces glued in place with Elmers School Glue (which is washable starch based glue). poinsettia

The Cardinals branch of berries and the flower’s center will be entirely thread painted along with the details of the bird and flower. The whitest petals are double fused pieces of white fabric because white is so transparant. You can still see underlying petals but believe me, it was worse! The thread painting will effectively hide the remaining distracting edges that can be seen through the layers beneath. For the most part I don’t think it really that distracting as it is… but the thread painting will blend it for sure.

I just LOVE the pure white on the pastels! Did you know that in creating art whites are never really white? Check out paintings of snow…it appears white but not much pure white paint was used. That’s for free… a little color theory thrown in!  Hmmmm…. maybe I’ll do a class in color theory for thread painting!

Well stay tuned for the final thread painted piece!


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