Christmas Thread Painting progress…

imageIt was a day of playing with threads for the Poinsettia! That can be so much fun! …and a little frustrating…but today it was mostly fun! It can get frustrating when you don’t have EXACTLY the color in your thread stash you want at the time you REALLY want to be sewing and NOT running to the store! But I had all the colors I needed thankfully!

The interesting challenge has been to use color and still have the poinsettia appear white. I was very pleased with the fabric choices and was really pushed at one point to keep the thread from becoming a distraction rather than enhancing the piece…especially the white threads!

But a very interesting thing happened – the white rayon I used on the bottom petals was just right and because it’s shiny it picks up a little color from the fabric and is blending wonderfully! The next white problem to solve was the thread for top solid white petals. It just seemed to tbe too much to use a shiny thread there AND it seemed too off color…yes even though when you hold them together, they appear equally white! The shine to the one made enough of a difference to make me try the flat cotton white instead. That works perfectly I think! Just enough! I really did not want to see a distracting outline.

Its very tempting to want to just keep sewing and sewing and sewing until you go past the point of enough thread to enhance the piece to becoming an embroidery piece…and losing the effect of the batiks I chose! So I stopped here for the day so I would have a new perspective another day. I may go back and add just a little more on the bottom petals where it would help add a shadow near the solid white petals to help them pop just a little more….if you noticed I did do just that between two of the petals with the pale lavender. But to keep myself from overdoing it i’m putting it away for another day…see you then with more progress.



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