Christmas Mini Quilt finished…check!

Christmas min quilt

Now that the mini quilt is finished, it’s time to finish writing the pattern! I did this mini quilt a little different from the Pumpkin Mini Quilt earlier in that I thread painted most of it on stabilizer instead of doing on the quilt sandwich. A lot of thread work can flatten the quilty-ness right out of the quilt so I split it up this time. It allows for a more evenly quilted piece and I was still able to put as much thread painting as I thought it needed. This means I will be making two thread painting charts though! One to do the bulk of the painting and the other to finish things up and quilt it at the same time. I do believe I will stick with this metal unless the thread painting will be minimum.

These mini quilts have been a reminder to me of WHY I’m a longarmer though. My shoulder is acting up! Sooooo next week NO sewing for me! Of course I will be at a Disney Land Hotel anyway but that’s beside the point.   : D

I get to be a tag-a-long with my husband to his work convention! That means I get to visit a friend and a few quilt shops and the pool and YES! One day at the park with my daughter and granddaughter who will join us for a day. This time of year is a must for the Haunted Mansion and the Tower Of  Terror!

Of course I will have my computer so I WILL be planning the next two mini quilts – Spring and Summer. I think this just became a Four Seasons Series!



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