Scribbling With a Purpose


Here is the beginning of the chart I like to make for my patterns…a sketched idea of where and how to do the thread painting on the raw edge pieces. I like to use 5D Quilt Design Creator although it can also be sketched out in Photoshop or other drawing programs. But with 5D I can also digitize the sketch which can then be stitched out robotically by my longarm and Quilt Artist if I decide to use it in a different kind of quilt project. I like having options!

The white poinsettia is a bit challenging to depict since I can’t use white in the drawing even though I used white thread …light grey will have to stand in where white will really be used for the actual thread painting. The most important job of the chart is to help beginners get a sense of placement and most importantly the direction the stitches should be stitched. Going in the wrong direction could result in some very funky looking stitching!



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2 Responses to Scribbling With a Purpose

  1. Lori Ginsberg says:

    Scribbling With a Purpose……I think you should write a book with this title!!!

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