From Painting to Art Quilt

BlueDesertHazeWhile I am in the “Ideas for Art Quilts” blogging mode, and as I beat the heat here in So Cal near Downtown Disney, I thought I would share an idea or two that I have been Bird Watching for a while. I have painted a few Pleine Air paintings some years ago and  thought they would be be good sources of inspiration for L
andscape Art Quilts and Thread Painting. Blue Desert Haze on the left is one of three I’m considering and, as you can see from the watermark, is in my gallery at Fine Art America available as a print.

I chose Blue Haze to so first because of the painting below which was just recently done by my 6 year old granddaughter. The first time I saw it my eyes got very wide and my jaw dropped! It is her FIRST painting from her first grade art class! I have waited quite a while as a mother and grandmother to have a companion who is interested in art! I just love the natural sway the silhouetted palm tree has and you can just feel the heat of those last rays of light in her sunset. I think the calmness of the three birds flying add just the right amount of tension to the whole composition – even their size and placement is pretty perfect! The second thing I thought when I first saw this was, “She jusEllie'sSunsett designed her first art quilt!”. I could go on about the gorgeous clouds as well but I’ll let them speak for themselves…I think you can tell I a
m one very proud Nana!

Our budding young artist is every bit a fun loving Princess and has totally done Disney in a Royal way while we’re here. She just gets into everything she does with her whole heart and it seems to me, that heart is starting to express herself at the end of a brush. Her drawings are just as captivating as her painting and have often made me want to save them for future inspiration – especially as elements in quilts – perhaps for quilts the near future.

WBlueDesertHazehat needs to happen next with these two paintings is for me to simplify them into basic foundation shapes and then to choose some fabrics for those shapes. I will also use fabric for some of the details (bushes and yucca plants) but I will have fun with thread painting a lot of the foreground details as well.

Well this week I have come up with at least the next four art quilts I will be working on designing but I have only shared two of them so far. I also have the beginning ideas going for the next two mini quilts to go along with the Pumpkin Mini Quilt and the Poinsettia Mini Quilt as part of a Four Seasons Series. The subjects for those minis just came down out of the Bird Watching phase and I will be blogging them soon!

But it’s just about time to go see the fireworks from our hotel to end this fun day and week I spent at Disneyland with my husband. No sewing happened this week but a lot of planning got done!



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2 Responses to From Painting to Art Quilt

  1. Laura, love seeing what is happening with your Quilts. The Blue dessert one is so gorgeous, for a Landscape quilt, can’t wait to see what you do with it..
    Love what Eliana did with her painting too. Love the photo of her dressed as a Princess, she must have had a great time at Disney Land.

  2. Thank you so much! It will be a full year of art quilts next year with all the plans I have flying around in my head!

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