Back to the Sack… My American Feed Sack Quilting

I have two loves in quilting – Feed Sack and Thread Painting. When I started this blog I was totally daunted with the idea of “blogging” and gave up pretty quickly after a few posts about my love of feed sack. But now that I’m back and on a roll, I want to do an update on what I like to do with feed sack! I have certainly collected a lot of it!

But after collecting a sizable stash, I started making my own “color way” groups. My favorite colors have been Red and Gray, Teal-Orange-Yellow, and Red-Teal-Orange. I do have others I’m trying to fall in love with, but those three combos have my attention for now.

Feed Sack is challenging, I found out, because for one thing most of the prints have a lot of white in the background. With so much white it’s hard to create a quilt with enough contrast in the pattern even though the prints are different in the color they do have in them. Prints with a color background or solid colors are hard to find and those are what you need to have contrast. There is a seller on eBay that sells custom dyed feed sack in great colors and once I found a bright orange solid sack and a mostly red print sack.

This quilt is the first one I made with feed sack and I used as much solid fabric as I had which really helps make this quilt special. The teal polka dot works OK but the dots are so big it actually makes the lines in the triangle less distinct as does the colorful large print. What seems like a lot of color starts to disappear when the shapes are cut and sewn together! But all in all, I was happy with the way this turned out.

pinwheel detail     pinwheel quilt

My second quilt presented the next challenging thing about feed sack. It’s a coarser and slightly thicker fabric and can get very hard to work with if you use small pieces! The seams fray faster and it’s hard to get nice corners because of the thickness. The center of pinwheels build up fast! I had both issues in my second quilt to contend with because I chose a pattern with a lot more pieces. I wanted a lot more contrast between some of the blocks than I ended up with but it’s still a very pretty quilt!

20150608_190619   feedsack quilt

I did an appliqué focal block for the center which was a lot of fun! To appliqué with feed sack, choose a pattern with large simple pieces – it does not lend itself to a lot of detailed pieces with thin points!

center motif    20150608_190534



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6 Responses to Back to the Sack… My American Feed Sack Quilting

  1. Lori Ginsberg says:

    I love those quilts! The colors are perfect!

  2. I’m so happy to have many of your gorgeous quilts. Guess that’s the perks of being your Mom. LOL !!!!

  3. Meloo says:

    Wow, I love the first quilt with all the bright oranges and teal. Teal is my favorite color!

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