Thread Painting Student work!

Teaching thread painting these last few months has been both a challenge and a joy! It has challenged me to be clear about this technique which can feel very awkward or foreign the first time you try it…much in the same way a crochet hook or knitting needles might feel awkward for the first time. But it’s the same as sewing right? Well, yes and no. You are familiar with it on one level because you ARE sewing with two stitches you know…straight and zig-zag BUT the direction you need to sew in is different! For the zig-zag stitch which I use A LOT, you are always moving right/left rather than front/back. Everything in you is trained to move your fabric from the front of the machine to the back to get a straight line so it can throw you off at first to move right/left to get a straight line.

Thread Painting Student

This is Maria who is SUCH a motivated enthusiastic first time student to thread painting! She is working on her first piece in my second class in the series and to my surprise, jumped right in and did a double pumpkin project! I love that she was inspired to make a double sized project before even being totally comfortable with the technique, showing no fear! That’s a great way to be with new techniques – just dive in! Have fun, and if you make mistakes – no big deal – learn from them and keep going! And THINK BIG like Maria! That is actually how I like to roll… if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing big! Go Maria!

Maria's Pumpkins



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