It’s been a rough start to the new year with the flu season and thread painting took a big break! To get out of the cold-rums I found my self getting obsessed with making quilt tops by busting my stash. It started with a triangle quilt for my grandsons and I was able to get three (!) quilt tops from ONE shoebox of teal, yellow and grey/white fabrics! How great is that?

The triangles are part of that obsession for busting my shoeboxes of smallish pieces so when I saw this next idea I jumped right on it. It’s call the 60 Degree Quilt. Every angle cut is made using your ruler’s 60 degree angle line to trim the shapes into either triangles or parallelograms and the occasional diamond.

The best part is NO measuring! And you build the shape as you go cutting with that 60 degree angle but there is literally no size to worry about. The tutorial link is here and on my tutorial page. I will show you my personal progression.

Did I mention these colors make me Sooooo HAPPY?! Who can stay down looking at these wonderful colors? I was really stumped about how to use them up …what pattern would fit them AND me?? I’m not really big on small pieces that have to get cut out first 🙄 and in general I don’t prefer to quilt over lots of seams sooooo these pieces have sat there for at least five years or more.

There may be more seams than I like and the quilting may need to be simple but I also may make sure some bigger plain fabric shapes make it into this quilt so perhaps I can do a little specialty quilting in them… Maybe even thread sketching!

I can already sense this quilt evolving!

So here is what I did and for even more info you can check out the tutorial links.

First I cut out a few random triangles and parallelograms using the 60 degree angle only (the tutorial tells you how specifically).

Since I am using pieces smaller than a fat quarters, but not as small as scraps (although I do have some of those too) I also cut those pieces into a selection of strips – 2.5″; 3″; 1.5″; 4″ etc – basically you want a narrow to wide variety.

I organized them by size and color.

Then you pick a triangle, parallelogram or unit you already made and sew it to a strip of fabric or a scrap!

I also place several triangles or units I’ve made on a strip continually because I strip piece when ever I can.

It’s best to have your cutting mat and iron mat and iron handy near your sewing machine for this method because you will sew, iron the seam to one side and trim before sewing the next piece on. I wish I had a huge sewing room like the magazines but that’s not the case so the dining room table works!

And a coordinating bunch of flowers nearby always adds to the inspiration!

I will continue until I have a bunch of units (first photo) and then join them into strips for the quilt top assembly. And I’ll post that progress here too.

Check out that tutorial and start busting your stash!


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10 Responses to Obsessed!

  1. Oooh, yes, I can see one of these in my work plan very shortly! Such cheerful quilts, and so easy – just my cup of tea 🙂 Thanks for the great tutorial link as well, very clear and easy to follow!

  2. This looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing.

  3. A few questions on how you put them together – do you square them off into blocks once they get to a certain size, and then sew the blocks together (with sashing?); or do you sew them into rows and then sew the rows together;, or do you just keep adding one segment to another until you reach the required quilt size? I couldn’t resist, and started one last night – it sure is fun! 🙂

    • Were you able to find all three parts to the tutorial? She covers that too. I am still assembling the triangle units but I did just sew five of them to each other to make a row…no blocks per se. I will find a all three parts and link them to my blog tonight.

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