60 Degree Quilt Progress

In my last post I started sharing my latest stash busting obsession found on Kim Bracket’s Blog Magnolia Bay Quilts here. (Go to My Tutorial Page to find all three of her tutorials.)

60 Degree Quilt rows

Here are some of the triangles and rows I’ve made so far. I put together a few rows to get a sense of how my triangle units were going to look and realized I tend to have fewer triangles than I would like! I’m so glad I checked! With this random crazy quilt kind of construction method, it’s hard to know what “patterns” might emerge (or not!) so after you have a few dozen triangles its a good idea to put a few rows together.

One of my solutions is to strategically cut off part of a triangle unit I made and replace that part with a small triangle section. In the photo above you can see I have a LOT of long side strips compared to triangles…I like triangles a lot more so I want more of them. If you like strips you may be fine with what I have got going already. Kim’s version has a lot of triangles and that is what attracted m in the first place.

Here you can see how I selected a side of a unit to hack off.


Here you can see I have replaced it with way more strips …what was I not thinking? Actually I thought I sewed  pieces on that were wide enough to trim to triangles… obviously not so back to the sewing table to fix the ones I’m not happy with! At the very least chopping them up does give me some smaller shapes.

Note to Self: Don’t forget you wanted some bigger shapes for special quilting later! Don’t get chop happy… I do forget previous intentions and plans… sigh.

extended triangles

Well… back to the feather weight to sew more units! From my pile of unused fabric I’m guessing I’ll be able to make at least 3-4 lap quilts!


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4 Responses to 60 Degree Quilt Progress

  1. Lookin’ good! Great to see these progress shots, and thanks for the tips on making up a few rows to check how it’s looking, and to make sure there are ‘real’ triangles there, I’ll be doing that today with my own project 🙂

  2. Melo says:

    Love the colors and patterns of the fabrics you picked, you make some gorgeous combinations. I really like seeing how this is coming together. And I totally get that you’re addicted to triangles: it looks great in a quilt!

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