A Lot of Changes going on!

When you decide to put up a shop of any kind all of a sudden there is so much more to do and think about!

Is the name just right? How do I display my wares? How do I price it? How do I get found? Are my photos ok? Does my description say enough?…too little?  So many questions!

          ?                                         ?
                          ?              ?                             ?           

And of course creating the thing you love to make! All of a sudden there’s so many hats to wear! Can’t  I have a few more of me???? 😳

But after my fun fabric shopping trip I have manged to start cutting for the next quilt. 

Thread Painting may take a back seat until I get some quilts make to put in the shop though …anyone know how to clone? In the midst of the changing and tweaking the shop, Instagram, Facebook and my logo, a quilt managed to get finished!!! 😀                            

The 60 Degree Quilt is done!

A New Name for FB, IG and Etsy

And Lots of cutting!

I will definitely try to continue designing and creating thread painting quilts because I love them but practically speaking, the “normal” quilts need to happen as well. So we’ll see in time where I take this blog ….. 😁


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