I. Love. Gluebasting!

…especially for matching triangle points!

Have you ever tried it? At first I thought it would take more time but really NOT true. It actually went faster than any struggle for perfectly placed points I’ve had so far. Here are a few photos to show the steps.

I have a cutting board,rotary cutter, ruler and small ironing mat and iron on hand, as well as the clear school glue, to switch back and forth.

Start by putting a dot of glue at the point on one side of the bottom piece to be joined, carefully place the  top piece matching points, and place the hot iron on it to set. This only works if you set the school glue with heat.

So I continue two points at a time because the iron will reach two points at a time.

I do trim my piece most of the time with this triangle quilt to be sure I have a 1/4″ seam.

Then off to the sewing machine to sew with the ease of no pins to remove and stick somewhere and no slipping or moving – for perfect points!

I think I love glue basting as much as I love spray starch!


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4 Responses to I. Love. Gluebasting!

  1. Great instructions and pictures. I will definitely be getting my glue out of the craft box and placing it next to my sewing machine:). Thx!

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