Machine Quilting Fabric for Sewing Projects

When I first started using a long arm quilting machine, I was intrigued by the many uses one of which is to combine different fabrics for sewing projects not just making quilts. It is literally a whole cloth quilting project…  and in todays example, two different types of fabric. 

I started by simply quilting a piece of terrycloth to a decorative piece of cotton fabric with just simple straight lines across the fabric… Just enough to keep the two pieces of fabric together so that I could make a blanket/towel. I was really impressed with the feel of this combination. It drapes well and even feels cuddly! 

The intention is for the one side that is cotton fabric to be decorative useful as a picnic blanket or floor Matt for a baby on one hand and the terry cloth  side being useful for pool and beach situations as a towel. Two uses in one! I don’t know about you, but when I am at the beach I prefer a smooth side to lay on that doesn’t trap a lot of sand.

Then as I was making my third towel/blanket, I threw it around me and was immediately impressed at how comfortable it felt. That got me thinking that would make a wonderful feeling bathrobe! And on this third trial I was using 4 yards of cotton fabric and 4 yards of terry cloth. And I also decided to use the decorative pattern for the quilting to complement the fabric pattern and color. I was afraid it would make it feel stiff so I chose a fairly open pattern and it worked out great! It stayed soft and supple.

I really think it would look incredible with cuffs turned up and a rolled collar which would show the complementary terrycloth, adding to the overall design. I can’t wait to find myself a four or 5 yard piece of fabric that I like to try this with

This pattern should work nicely.


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